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Keep Teams Healthy

Preventive Care at No Cost

Through ELCA-Primary health benefits, members and their covered dependents can receive no-cost annual wellness exams and screenings. Many may be delaying these important appointments for a number of reasons, including:

  • Not understanding their covered health benefits
  • Lack of time
  • Concern related to COVID-19

We want to remind you: your staff’s annual preventive care visits and screenings are fully covered! To help encourage your employees to take time to care for themselves, they will receive a reminder in the next Live Well newsletter to schedule their preventive care appointments.

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Download the Printable Preventive Care Checklist and Preventative Care flyer.

Keep Teams Engaged

Text-Based Primary Care Available 24/7

ELCA-Primary health benefits make virtual primary care visits for members easy and low- or no-cost — $0 or $5 copay per visit (depending on health benefit choice) — with the text-based 98point6® mobile app.

After downloading 98point6 and creating a profile, employees can sign in for 24/7 high quality, on-demand health care for themselves and dependents ages one and older from anywhere  — their couch, office, or on the road.

U.S.-based board-certified primary care physicians are at the ready to answer health questions, diagnose and treat illnesses, and order prescriptions and lab tests.

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Keep Teams Informed

Look to Benefits for Better Retention

It seems every employer in the nation is up against the same challenge – employee retention. Vaccine mandates, COVID-19 exposures, and quarantines continue to unravel an already stressed workplace. These once-new business challenges are no longer novel, and we know you are on the hunt for innovative ways to take care of your staff and keep them at your organization. That’s why many leaders are working to market the culture, perks, and benefits of their own companies.

At Portico Benefit Services, we believe employee benefits are a great tool to have in your retention toolkit and they shouldn’t be kept quiet!

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