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Compassionate Health Coordinators

Connect Employees with Compassionate Health Coordinators

Compassionate care: It’s at the heart of your organization and ours. The personal, clinical and emotional support through Portico Care Coordinators by Quantum Health is a perfect fit for our ELCA-Primary health benefits. And when it comes to navigating complex health systems, it makes sense to offer your employees assistance in this area.

Through the ELCA-Primary health benefits, members can simply call the Quantum phone number (located on their Portico Health ID card, or found by logging in to the myPortico portal) and live chat with a Care Coordinator. Members can also download the Quantum app.

What is a Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators are compassionate human beings with listening ears! Navigating health care can be confusing and overwhelming. The goal of providing employees access to a Care Coordinator is to alleviate this burden by offering a single point of contact before, during and after any health event.

It’s hard to ignore these benefits:

  • Preventive care: Use a Care Coordinator to find a provider and answer questions about which preventive services the health plan covers. Getting ahead of possible diagnosis by utilizing preventive care often results in less expensive treatments down the road.
  • Navigation during a diagnosis: When an employee receives a diagnosis and their provider gives them a referral, they can reach out to a Care Coordinator for help or, in complex cases, Quantum will proactively outreach to the employee due to the real time intercept.
  • Better outcomes: Good for your workforce, good for your employees.

“I had a mess of a situation with a large hospital bill that I knew was wrong. I called the Care Coordinator number and spoke to Tyrone. This person was AMAZING. Within 2 hours, he spoke to me, called Northwestern Hospital, called me back and told me the bill would be taken care of …

Portico and your partners are BY FAR the best benefits company I have ever worked with. Health care management is stressful, at best, for all involved. I can’t thank you enough for the care and compassion given by you and your team.”

ELCA Health Plan member
Feedback via email April 2023

Caring is a Proven Benefit

At Portico, we’re seeing in our data that employees’ use of Care Coordinators services is effective, so make sure employees know about it!

“Being able to direct [members] to a central point to help them navigate through all the health care issues that they face has been life-changing for them.” — Stacy Kruse, Portico’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Care Coordinators specialize in getting to know your employees and their health stories, curating a more personal experience for:

  • Answering claims, billing and benefit questions
  • Finding in-network providers, pharmacies and facilities
  • Learning about a new diagnosis
  • Managing an existing health condition
  • Helping to save money on out-of-pocket costs
  • Understanding how to get the most out of your benefits
  • Replacing ID cards

Employees can count on their Care Coordinator getting involved early and sticking around for the entire journey. This personal support — multiplied across all ELCA-Primary health benefit members — has the power to help manage health care costs and strengthen the health of our community. That’s great news!

Serving Those Who Serve

Portico knows your workforce is full of caregivers and we’re here to help you turn the care and attention on them. They tirelessly care for others every single workday. When employees need care and support, don’t let them navigate that journey alone. Encourage your employees to connect with Care Coordinators.



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