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Comprehensive and Integrated Package of Benefits

Our approach focuses on whole-person well-being at every stage, from just starting out through the working years and beyond. We provide health, retirement, disability, and survivor benefits so your staff can achieve and maintain physical, mental, emotional, and financial health.

You don’t have to settle for limited packages or invest extra time piecing together benefits from multiple providers. Portico helps you provide a high-quality, integrated package of benefits. Including health benefits to care for and support your staff’s physical and emotional well-being and retirement benefits to support their financial well-being. The pooled buying power of our health plan offers organizations access to health products and wellness programs at discounted rates they could not typically negotiate on their own. The scale of retirement assets we manage combines the investment expertise of our in-house team and provides access to Fidelity’s financial planners and their robust online educational resources and tools at no additional cost.

High-Quality Vendor Partners and Programs

Portico’s experienced team of smart, friendly, problem solvers is accustomed to navigating the challenging benefits environment. With dedicated personal service and award-winning customer support, we manage the relationships, so you only deal with one provider.

Our passion is curating quality benefit packages that meet employees’ needs. Our buying power allows us to work with high-quality vendors to offer more comprehensive packages than an organization can typically create on their own, and our technology and tools make it easy for members to access their benefits.

We pay attention — listening to you and your employees — so we can include innovations that are meaningful, bringing the right benefits for your organization. Careful and deep analysis helps us to identify trends and take steps to follow up on our findings. When individual employees can achieve and maintain better health and financial wellness, employers also benefit.