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Strength in Numbers

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Experience the Power of Our Participant Pool

A portico is an entry point, connecting to something larger. Portico connects smaller organizations to our existing pool of participants, offering everyone the health benefits that result from the negotiating power and financial strength of a large group.

You can find health plans that may offer low rates, but those plans may not include the coverage and wellness programs your employees need or protect your organization from the cost impact of catastrophic claims.

Portico’s participant pool and asset scale add value by helping you to:

Increase your buying power

Thousands of congregations, plus colleges and universities, and social ministry organizations make up Portico’s pool. Together, the collective buying power of the group allows Portico to negotiate better rates, helps keep those rates stable, and offers potential cost savings.

Minimize risk from chronic conditions and high-cost claims

A larger scale of participants means that risks can be distributed, and high-claim health costs can be absorbed more cost-effectively, helping to create a more stable rate structure.

Increase access to better providers and programs 

Small employers typically have fewer choices for providers and programs. When you tap into Portico’s buying pool, you can offer your employees access to best-in-class health benefits and wellness programs, and retirement services that often would otherwise be unavailable. 

Power of the Pool

Portico provides group pricing for health with what we call “the power of the pool” — the buying power of over 18,000 participants, and a prescription drug coalition of more than 300,000 members. Watch this short video to learn more!

Case Study: Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Learn how Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) transitioned health, dental and vision plans over to Portico. LMM experienced immediate cost savings as a result of Portico’s participant pool. The experience was so positive, LMM feels like they’re offering a true benefit to their employees again.

Balancing Budgets and Benefits

For faith-based organizations, the cost of employee benefits impacts your budget and the ability to offer important programs and services to your staff. You may not know that on average, smaller organizations contribute more than larger organizations per employee for the same benefits packages.1 Portico helps you serve your employees well, with better benefits — and helps your organization attract and retain the right staff.

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