Definition: A porch or covered walk, consisting of a roof supported by columns, often at the entrance or across the front of a building.

Meaning: For us, a portico is a gathering place and an entry point to something larger. More importantly, a portico is a symbol of our partnership in the ELCA’s mission.

Together, we’ll forge a long-term partnership focused on helping you achieve your organization’s goals with benefits rooted in the teachings and principles of the ELCA.

Portico Benefits

Our Philosophy

Wellness is multi-dimensional and unique to each individual. Wellness equips us to live out our vocations in family, ministry, and community with intention.

Churches and organizations foster wellness by offering benefits that support the whole person.

Portico offers a holistic approach to benefits, with a focus on financial, emotional, and physical well-being.

Our Promise

We are defined by ministry, refined through expertise, and aligned in service.

Portico Benefit Services Defined By Ministry

Defined by Ministry

We support those who serve so they can serve well. Whether it’s developing innovative health and wellness programs to help you attract and retain the right talent, or providing employees access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan that can enhance financial stability, our values and practices are rooted in service to others.

Portico Benefit Services Refined Through Expertise

Refined Through Expertise

Our goal is to help every individual we serve to live a full, whole, healthy life. Dedicated, knowledgeable experts know how to engage, equip, and support your employees from program design to onboarding and ongoing program management.

Portico Benefit Services Aligned in Services

Aligned in Service

Our commitment to serving those who serve is reflected in the support we provide to you and to your employees. We are committed to delivering solutions and services that support the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of those whose daily work is to serve.

Our Values

Our values reflect our long history of positive partnerships with faith-based organizations. Woven throughout these values is a shared commitment to honoring diversity and inclusion in all we do.


We act with honesty, sincerity, and accountability.


We strive to understand the changing needs of those we serve, and take action to innovate and improve, exceeding expectations.


We honor all individuals and address their diverse needs.


We responsibly manage all resources entrusted to us, including money, time, and well-being.


We work together as a community, to achieve common goals, support each other in our challenges, and celebrate our successes.

Annual Report


Our Annual Report provides specifics about the financial health of Portico and its Plans and Trusts, and demonstrates our stewardship to the ELCA, plan members, and their beneficiaries.