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The Wholeness Wheel

Healthy, resilient people shape healthy, resilient communities.

Our congregations and organizations are stronger when God’s people are good stewards of the lives God has given us. When we care for our well-being, we can show up with strength, courage, vulnerability, compassion, and grace.

wholeness wheel

Wellness is multi-dimensional and unique to each individual. Portico uses the Wholeness Wheel to illustrate the interrelationships between the dimensions of well-being — social, emotional, physical, financial, vocational, and intellectual. Spiritual well-being supports our well-being in every dimension.

Portico takes a holistic approach to designing benefits with a focus on financial, emotional, and physical well-being. We actively encourage plan members — and the entire ELCA community — to embrace a faith-based, whole-person approach to living well that invites people to:

  • Identify how they experience the different dimensions of well-being.
  • Recognize that health or ill-health in one dimension affects the whole person.
  • Acknowledge that it is possible to find healing without necessarily being cured.

Wellness equips us to live out our vocations in family, ministry, and community with intention. Organizations can foster wellness by offering benefits that support the whole person.

Current members can access shareable Wholeness Wheel resources on EmployerLink or myPortico