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Burnalong: A Solution for Burnout?

At one time, didn’t it seem like everybody had a gym membership? Then, during the pandemic, we saw a massive shift to virtual workouts, at-home exercise equipment, and online fitness classes of viral fame.

Thankfully, your employees have access to an online fitness platform through Burnalong, so let’s make sure they know about it.

Through the ELCA Health Plan administered by Portico, ELCA-Primary benefits members can take advantage of this customizable online wellness platform with their member ID (located on their Portico Health ID card).

Learn more and register.

What is Burnalong?

With over 10 thousand live and on-demand classes, there’s a physical fitness option for everyone, but that’s just the start. You can also find:

  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Insomnia Support
  • Meditation, and more!

The goal of Burnalong is to be educational and interactive. Once a member activates an account, they’re prompted to take a brief assessment to identify fitness goals. Based on their responses, Burnalong will recommend specific programs. With hundreds of instructors and a variety of classes to choose from, Burnalong could be a solution for fitness burnout.

Members will appreciate that most classes on Burnalong don’t require equipment. In fact, when searching for a class, you can filter the results by the equipment you do have. Burnalong also urges participants to get creative. Cans of peas, for example, can substitute for weights; chairs can substitute for barres.

Fitness is just one piece of the wellness platform: Burnalong also offers a plethora of informational classes, including nutrition-focused courses and mental health support groups. There’s truly something for everyone.

Check out these diverse class offerings:

  • Calm and Confident Stability Training for the Older Adult
  • Cancer to 5k
  • 3 Ways to Make Meal-Prepping Fun
  • Lunchtime Office Flow Yoga
  • Disney Fitness — Getting in Shape for Disney
  • Desk Meditation and Stretch Break

The More, the Merrier

In addition to an employee’s personal wellness journey, Burnalong also encourages members to burn calories alongside friends and family, by freely gifting up to four sub-account logins. Parents, spouses, children, and friends can join in the Burnalong experience and help keep participants accountable to their goals.

The More, The Merrier: Members can share Burnalong with friends and family — with up to four sub-accounts!

Together, Everyone Achieves More

Accountability is often a crucial element to achieving fitness goals, which is why Burnalong offers live classes with a one-way camera, where only the viewers can see the instructor and the instructor only. 

And for those who require more motivation (perhaps in the form of a little friendly competition), there are also live, “open-door” classes with a two-way camera option, meaning participants can choose to be seen by the instructor and other participants.

Make Burnalong Work in the Workplace

Employers, you can get involved, too. Why not bring Burnalong into the office?

Promote the idea of co-workers participating in classes together, utilizing communal office space such as conference rooms over their lunch break and as a way to build camaraderie. It’s another creative way to reap productivity benefits by promoting health and wellness as part of your culture. As is widely known, “regular exercise can increase self-confidence, improve your mood, help you relax, and lower symptoms of mild depression and anxiety.”1 

Burnalong is more than just virtual fitness and wellness classes, it’s a growing community. Portico is thrilled to continue offering this service to participating employers, fueling virtual workout trends long into the future!

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