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Find Savings in Your Plans

It’s never too late to embrace opportunity. Check out where you might find some additional savings in your current health care plan.

Preventive Care Utilization

Identifying health issues early is important to help reduce immediate and future health care costs, and give you a more productive workforce. Preventive services are covered 100% when plan members use in-network providers. Remind employees that the following are fully covered under their ELCA-Primary health benefits:

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  • A routine annual physical exam
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Cancer screenings, including 2D and 3D mammograms for women
  • A routine gynecological exam for women

Condition Management with Omada

Maintaining good health is always worth the return on investment. We offer diabetes and hypertension management programs from Omada, that include personalized digital care with customized tools and professional health coaching in a virtual setting. These programs can help employees reach their health goals, whether that’s losing weight, managing diabetes, lowering blood pressure or just simply improving overall health, all at no additional cost.

Employees will receive an email with an invitation code if they’re eligible to enroll in the program. Employees can learn more about this program on myPortico.

Quantum Health Care Coordinators

When employees navigate health care successfully, for themselves and their dependents, they often get ahead of diagnoses, which can result in less expensive treatments — and for you, fewer high-dollar claims. Portico is proud to offer your employees access to more personal support in Quantum Health Care Coordinators. Multiplied across all ELCA-Primary plan members, this benefit has the power to help lower health care costs and make members feel like they have a warrior on their side to navigate their health care journey.

Savings in HSAs & FSAs

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and Health flexible spending accounts (FSAs) allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to use for deductibles and copays. But the list of HSA- and FSA-qualified expenses is much longer than many people realize! Here’s a refresher on eligible expenses.

Maintaining Mental Health

Increased screening for depression offers a significant opportunity for reducing expenses for overall health care. Research found productivity was especially impacted by depression. Depression accounts for $17 per employee annually in disability wage replacement costs.1


Learn to Live Assessment

Employee Assistance Program

*Reminder: Eligible medical care that extends beyond what’s listed as a covered preventive service is subject to an individual’s deductible and coinsurance. For example, claims for tests related to a vitamin deficiency, or an extended discussion with the doctor about knee surgery options and concerns, would not be covered at 100% even if those services or discussions occurred on the same day as an annual physical exam.

1Amanda Bronsted. Increased preventive health screening could result in employer savings. BenefitsPRO. Retrieved September 20, 2023, from