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Case Study: Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Nonprofit Reconfigures Health Care Costs To Be More Affordable For Employees

Thirty-five percent of staff were first clients.
Caring for its own is a top priority.

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) is a social services nonprofit that demonstrates an unwavering commitment to addressing chronic needs, enables people in the community facing adversity to become self-sufficient, and advocates for systems change. Programming focuses on innovative and effective services in the areas of Guardianship, Housing & Shelter, Workforce Development, and Youth Resiliency.

The Challenge

For several consecutive years, like many, LMM watched its health plan rates —administered by one of the top U.S. insurers — continue to rise by as much as 10 to 15 percent each year. The agency was eventually forced to pass on the full amount of these increases to employees, many of whom were formerly from the very population LMM serves. Naturally, LMM was concerned about maintaining affordability for its staff. The formula clearly wasn’t working with the financial burden falling squarely on employees.

The Power Of Portico

Historically, Portico administered LMM’s 403(b) retirement savings plans; the two organizations have a strong working relationship. When Ross Eichelberger, VP of Business Development, reached out to LMM a few years ago to see if they were still happy with their health plan options, LMM felt change was vital. The impact of rising rates on their budget and employee expense was impossible to ignore.

In 2022, LMM transitioned health, dental and vision plans over to Portico, along with tax-advantaged accounts. The transition was seamless. It was so positive that both leaders and employees were left impressed by Portico’s personal touch and care, says Director of Human Resources Stephanie Brown.

LMM continues to praise the Portico team for:

  • Immediate cost savings as a result of Portico’s 16,000+ plan participant pool
  • Positive, unsolicited feedback from employees
  • Healthy plan participation rates
  • Ongoing client service; pleasant, accessible team

Serving You Is Our Life’s Work

Portico understands and shares your deep commitment to service and the need for careful stewardship of limited resources. We support you and your staff with high-quality, fully integrated, easy-to-administer benefits, access to best-in-class vendors, proven technology, and tools — all supported by an award-winning Customer Care Center.

*Results vary by client.