Live Well

Track Your Food Spend

We’ve learned the hard way — nearly everything changes during a pandemic. Where we can go, who we can see, and yes, even the food we eat.

While many are trying to support our favorite restaurants and cafes, most of us are eating far more at home. That can mean more trips to the grocery store, larger grocery purchases at each visit, more cooking (or more fast food), and lots more dishwashing.

To help you reconnect with your food bill, Portico staff recommend this small step.

Small Step: See What You Spent on Food Last Month

  • Pull out last month’s credit card statement, check book, and/or banking app
  • Tally up your food costs — groceries and dining out (both eat-in and take-out)
  • Record your totals in the food section of our downloadable monthly budget worksheet
Get the Worksheet

If you’re curious, track your food spending for the same month one year ago and compare. You can also fill out other sections of the worksheet to gain a broader understanding of where your money’s going. Only when you know what you’re spending can you make informed decisions going forward.

Motivated to do more?

If you have an ELCA retirement plan account with Portico:

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