Live Well

Practice Mindful Eating

We’re all so busy that most of us don’t even stop to consider why we eat when we do. Are we hungry, or are we eating out of habit, to cope with stress, or to connect socially? Most of us want to eat well but mindless eating — like unhealthy snacking — happens all too easily when we’re busy, bored, distracted, or stressed.

Mindful eating is intentional eating, done slowly and with a sense of gratitude.

  • It helps us discern the difference between physical hunger and emotional need.
  • It gives us time to realize when we’re full.
  • We’re much more likely to eat for the right reasons and choose healthy foods.

Portico staff created this table tent as a simple visual cue you can use daily to establish a mindful eating practice.

Small Step: Put up a Mindful Eating Table Tent

Print out this downloadable table tent, fold it into thirds, and put it on your tabletop. Review the two sides of the table tent before and as you eat. Chew slowly and take a centering breath after you swallow one bite and before the next. Make room for gratitude. Be present with your mind and body.

Get the Table Tent

Motivated to do more?

If you have ELCA-Primary health benefits with Portico:

  • Check out the Resiliency course on Being, our video learning platform. Lesson 3, “Stress Eating,” includes an eating self-assessment, videos on stress eating, and resources to help you combat mindless stress eating and build a healthier relationship to food.
  • See if you’re eligible for Omada®, an innovative digital program designed to help create modest changes that promote weight loss and help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

If you have ELCA Medicare-Primary health benefits with Portico:

  • Humana offers Virtual Wellness classes nearly every Monday-Thursday. Upcoming classes include the do’s and don’ts of the Mediterranean diet and discovering foods to help fight aging. Visit to see a full list of upcoming events.
  • Want to earn rewards for making healthy choices? Earn gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants through the Go365® by Humana wellness program by doing healthy activities like volunteering, virtually connecting with loved ones, or attending SilverSneakers® fitness classes. To track your activities online anytime you wish, register at Once you’ve signed in, click Go365 from your dashboard – it’s that easy.

This information should not be considered or used as a substitute for professional health care advice. By providing this information, Portico Benefit Services is not providing any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Each individual is responsible for his or her own health and medical treatment decisions. You should talk with your doctor to determine the lifestyle changes and health care treatment options appropriate for you.