Financial Wellness & Free Fidelity Resources

Achieving financial wellness isn’t just for after work hours. It turns out that a person’s financial well-being, which is part of Portico’s Wholeness Wheel, has been shown to have an impact on workplace performance. According to PwC, in a recent survey of 3,236 employees across multiple industries, 76 percent admitted financial concerns impacted their productivity and for 25 percent of this group, the impact on productivity was “severe or major.” Equally surprising is that 55 percent of stressed employees who are consumed by finance issues are spending three hours a week dealing with finances at work!1

But the good news is, there are excellent no-cost tools available to help employees identify areas of weakness in their financial planning and learn how to prioritize next steps. And they don’t need financial records to get started. One tool is Fidelity’s Financial Wellness Checkup Tool, an interactive survey they can access through myPortico that starts with the basics (spending, retirement goals, credit cards) and finishes with the delivery of a complimentary, easy-to-read Action Plan.

Fidelity’s Financial Wellness Checkup Tool can help employees:

  • Confirm what they’re doing well;
  • Identify key areas in their financial planning that need attention;
  • Provide suggested action steps in order of the most pressing action item;
  • Learn valuable tips along the way to educate, inform and empower.

There’s never a better time than now to nudge employees to take a step back and review personal finances for the upcoming year: budgeting, how much to save, short- and long-term goals. As an employer, we know you care about the whole person, which includes the very real part of each employee who heads home to a unique set of worries and circumstances.

Share information on this valuable tool from Fidelity and remind employees that Fidelity Retirement Planners are just a phone call away.

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