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Mental Health: Always Top of Mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, dating all the way back to 1949. It’s been 74 years and we continue to acknowledge that taking exceptional care of our minds, and encouraging others to do the same, is essential to carrying us long into the future.

During the first quarter, we shared with you some pretty alarming mental health stats here. The truth is, while numbers may fluctuate from year to year, employee needs for access to quality mental health support will not. At Portico, we’re making it our mission to equip you with tangible resources you can easily share to promote the importance of ongoing mental well-being.

It’s a repeat topic because repetition works. Messages that are shared repeatedly are more likely to be remembered. So, how can we impart the importance of mental health among your employees? Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Employees need regular reminders about the mental health support you offer to keep it top of mind – and keep them healthy and productive.

Mental Support Options

As a recap, here are the mental health programs and resources to ensure your employees and household members are aware of:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Carelon Behavioral Health (24/7 support; ages 13+)
  • Learn to Live online education (ages 13+)
  • Talkspace online therapy (24/7 counseling via app by phone or laptop)
  • Being Academy faith-based podcasts and online courses (sample topics: beating burnout, navigating anxiety, managing grief).
  • Available only for ELCA-Primary benefit members: Mental health benefits via the ELCA Health Plan for therapy, medication management and other treatments

Additional Resources

Here are recent articles we’ve published on the Portico blog: