A Comprehensive Set of Innovative Benefits

Most organizations are forced to work with multiple providers to piece together benefits that meet the diverse needs of their employees. 
The problem with this approach is that it’s time intensive and can limit your ability to offer a comprehensive benefits package. Some employees may feel well served, but others lack the support they need. Plus, as a smaller organization, you may lack the buying power needed to negotiate discounts and features.  
When you work with Portico, we carefully select and manage industry-leading vendor partners to deliver innovative solutions that support our members’ whole-person well-being.

Curating Industry-Leading Vendor Partners to Deliver Innovative Products and Programs

Portico’s experienced team is passionate about curating benefit packages that meet your employees’ needs. Because of the buying power of more than 16,000 members, we can offer you comprehensive packages that are difficult to create on your own. 
The Portico team is dedicated to:

  • Best practices – which means they are continually researching, learning, and adapting to new options.
  • Best products – which starts by listening to members’ needs and staying on top of the latest innovations.
  • Best health outcomes – delivering what members want and need ultimately leads to better outcomes for physical and mental health and overall well-being. This also helps us manage overall annual rate increases for the ELCA Health Plan.

A Preventive Approach Focused on Whole Person Well-Being

We believe wellness is multi-dimensional and unique to each individual. Adopting a holistic wellness strategy fosters a culture of well-being around the whole person and supports all dimensions of employee health.

Our holistic approach to well-being benefits you by creating an engaged, resilient workforce that is more creative, productive, and invested in your organization’s success. It also creates a competitive advantage in the tight market for talent, helping retain the existing workforce and attract new talent interested in working for an organization whose values align with their own.

At Portico, we curate industry leading employee benefit providers and programs to address the whole person including financial, emotional, and physical well-being.

Retirement: Financial preparation for peace of mind

Portico offers a retirement plan that gives ELCA-affiliated organizations, and those who serve, unique tax advantages while supporting financial well-being.

  • 403(b)(9) church plan (non-ERISA) that allows for employee contributions
  • Diversified target date funds and asset-class-specific build-your-own fund options, including Roth options
  • Social purpose investments that align with ELCA social teachings and policies
  • In-plan annuity option for income stream
  • Long-term investment philosophy overseen by our experienced in-house team, with an average of 20 years’ experience each
  • Access to financial planners and additional online resources at no cost
  • Clergy housing allowance exclusion eligibility

Health: Support for health and well-being

Portico’s innovative plan is designed to improve outcomes and strengthen well-being for those who serve—which brings value to our community.

  • A range of cost-sharing benefit options: Platinum+, Gold+, Select Copay, Value Copay, Silver+, Bronze+
  • Comprehensive medical, mental health, prescription drug, and dental, and vision care coverage—all from nationally nationally-recognized vendors
  • Personalized health management services: Employee Assistance Program (EAP), 24/7 text-based primary care, chronic condition prevention, diabetes management, hypertension management, mental health support, virtual physical therapy, online fitness classes, and a faith-based wellness video learning platform
  • HSA and FSA tax-advantaged accounts
  • Group Medicare Advantage plan for members and retirees with primary Medicare coverage

Disability: Protection from the unexpected

Portico offers disability coverage that can help protect employees and their families should a serious illness or injury occur. 

  • 2/3 income replacement beginning the third month after disability

Life: Financial protection for loved ones

Bundling life insurance coverage with Portico can deliver savings for organizations and valuable protection for those who serve. 

  • Basic life insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • Dependent life insurance for spouse and children
  • Additional accidental death and dismemberment benefit

Our Service to You is Our Life’s Work

Total Benefits Provider:

Work with a single point of contact to administer your entire benefits program with access to health, retirement, disability, life, and wellness benefits.

Buying Power:

Activate the collective buying power of a large pool that includes discounted rates, historical rate stability, and access to a wider variety of products.

Extension of Your Team:

Receive engagement support that makes your benefits program more efficient and effective.

Aligned in Faith and Service:

Partner with a faith-centered nonprofit who provides holistic benefits that serve those who serve.
Working With Us Is Easy
Step 1
Set up a discovery call so we can learn more about one another.
Step 2
We will gather your information so we can create a custom solution. 
Step 3
Offer benefits through Portico and allow your organization to focus on its mission.

Working With Us Is Easy

Step 1
Set up a discovery call so we can learn more about one another.
Step 2
We will gather your information so we can create a custom solution. 
Step 3
Offer benefits through Portico and allow your organization to focus on its mission.


It’s refreshing to work with a mission-driven organization like Portico that really lives out their values. I don’t feel like we’re just another customer.

Jeanne Lucas, Director of Human Resources
Bethany College



Portico understands our work, and through their partnership, we will be empowered to support our staff with the resources they need to be healthy and live abundantly.

Ray Ratke, CEO



We once thought we couldn’t afford Portico, now we realize we can’t afford NOT to be with Portico!

Reier Thompson, MBA, LNHA, HSE President/CEO
Missouri Slope


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