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Are health plan rate increases disguising a bigger problem?

Joining a large risk pool may help stabilize rate increases for the long term.

Portico’s health plan participant pool and retirement plan asset scale add value by helping you to:

  • Increase your buying power
    Thousands of congregations, plus colleges and universities, and social ministry organizations make up Portico’s health plan pool. Together, the collective buying power of the group allows us to negotiate better rates, helps keep those rates stable, and offers potential cost savings.
  • Minimize risk from chronic conditions and high-cost claims
    A larger group of health plan participants means risks can be distributed, and high-claim health costs can be absorbed more cost-effectively, helping to create a more stable rate structure.
  • Increase access to better providers and programs
    When you tap into Portico’s negotiating power, you can offer your employees access to best-in-class health benefits and wellness programs that may be unavailable to smaller organizations.

We focus on whole-person wellness

In addition to the pool, Portico impacts organizational wellness with a multi-faceted approach:

  • Target: We use data supplied by the health vendor we work with to target chronic conditions
  • Navigate: Portico Care Coordinators by Quantum Health guide your employees through each step in their health care journey
  • Engage: Portico’s health and retirement plan vendors proactively communicate and engage with our members to improve their wholistic well being

Explore your options with Portico

Are you ready to make a change to your benefits? Consider taking a new approach to help stabilize rate increases for the long-term.

Call Ross Eichelberger, Vice President Business Development at (612) 752-4062 or