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Retirement with Portico: Financial Preparation for Peace of Mind

We offer access to a range of investment options and resources that can improve financial stability for the future.

403(b)(9) Retirement Plan

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Portico offers a 403(b)(9) retirement plan that allows for employee and employer contributions.

  • Our nationally governed church plan is not subject to ERISA requirements, such as annual audits and Form 5500 filings, and is not subject to state insurance laws and oversight – saving you time, money, and effort
  • Our rigorous investment manager selection and monitoring process follows industry best practices to help you satisfy your due diligence requirements

Adding Value to Your Organization

Through Portico you can also access a range of options and features that enhance the value for your organization.

  • A diverse fund lineup, including target date funds and asset-class-specific build-your-own fund options
  • Social purpose funds that align with ELCA social teachings and policies, including shareholder advocacy 
  • Investment in private companies for portfolio diversification
  • An annuity option for income stream in retirement
  • A 457(b) deferred compensation plan for management or highly compensated employees
  • Access to Fidelity financial planners and their robust online educational resources and tools at no extra cost

Our Investment Approach

We invest funds for our retirement plan with an experienced team committed to supporting the retirement of those we serve. The focus of the investment program is on long-term results and providing fund options that influence positive social impact. Our team eases the administrative burden on your staff and provides governance support to help fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities.

Portico has managed the ELCA’s 403(b)(9) church plan for over 30 years, supporting nearly 40 ELCA social ministry organizations1 across the country and more than 47,000 ELCA plan members.

Church Plan Experience

We have specialized expertise with 403(b)(9) retirement savings plans and, in partnership with Fidelity, we understand the nuances of church plans.

Administrative Partner

Portico’s experienced team of smart, friendly, problem solvers is accustomed to navigating the challenging benefits environment. With dedicated personal service and award-winning customer support, we manage the vendor relationships, so you only deal with one provider.

Our approach focuses on administrative management and integration that includes:

  • Proactive enrollment assistance and client service
  • Dedicated employee team
  • Data aggregation, billing, and reconciliation
  • Plan compliance management
Experienced Investment Team

Our investment team — with an average of 20 years’ experience each and the support of external investment managers — employs a long-term philosophy to oversee the retirement investments of ELCA-affiliated organizations and members.

  • Develops recommendations on strategy and policy issues​
  • Manages investment implementation, manager selection, and guidelines​
  • Manages socially responsible investing program
Investment Governance & Due Diligence

Our comprehensive investment governance structure helps ensure due diligence and sound decision-making.

Board of Trustees

Approves broad investment and corporate social responsibility policies

Board of Trustees
Investment Committee

  • Approves specific fund policies, including target date fund glide path calculations
  • Approves investment strategies and policies for asset class pools
  • Approves policies for social criteria and manager monitoring and evaluation

External Investment Managers

  • Implement specific mandates within established guidelines
  • Provide passive and active portfolio management
  • Provide access to high-minimum-requirement investment managers

External Investment Consultant

  • Provides independent assessments
  • Assists with manager selection
  • Develops investment policy inputs
  • Provides project/analytical support
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Socially Responsible Investing

Portico was an early pioneer in socially responsible investing in 1988, and since then our program has sought to make a positive difference in the world while strengthening our potential to provide strong, long-term returns for investors. ELCA social teachings and policies guide our approach.

  • Shareholder advocacy across all funds: Through dialogue, proxy voting, and shareholder resolutions, we encourage sustainable business practices related to the environment, social practices, and corporate governance​
  • Screening via social purpose funds: Restricts investment in companies in conflict with ELCA social criteria screens
  • Positive social investing via social purpose funds: Seeks investments that make positive and measurable steps toward a sustainable environment, community, or economic development

View our most recent [LINK] report.