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Interactive Care Continuum

People need different types of health care at different times in their lives. Portico’s comprehensive ELCA-Primary health benefits support whole-person well-being, from everyday care and preventive care to treating and maintaining health conditions.

Our Care Continuum wheel shows the program solutions that support all stages of the health journey. These programs are interconnected and essential to living well. View the benefits available within each section by clicking on the colored pieces.

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Our health plan is designed to meet the needs of our population – recognizing the wide variety of situations, ages of plan members, emphasis on holistic well-being, and belief that when our leaders are physically, mentally, emotionally healthy they’re better able to serve and steward themselves.

The ELCA-Primary health benefits provide access to a wide variety of benefits administered by nationally recognized partners.

Everyday Care

For everyday care needs, BlueLink is the administrator for medical & mental health benefits.

Care Coordinators by Quantum Health is a team of experts dedicated to helping you get the right care at the right time. Whenever you have a question about your health care – for example, about finding a doctor, prescription drugs, claims, deductibles – this is your first place to call for help.

Prescription drug benefits are administered by Express Scripts, through local in-network pharmacies or mail order, which provides the convenience of having medications shipped to home.

Dental benefits via Delta Dental that include orthodontia.

An EAP benefit through Carelon includes work/life benefits like legal and financial advice, support for finding services like childcare and more.


In addition to many 100% covered preventive screenings, checkups, and vaccinations, we offer several preventive programs members can use proactively to strengthen their well-being.

BurnAlong’s virtual health and fitness platform offers something for everyone. It provides exercise classes and training, yoga, cardio, strength as well as video recipes, relaxation, and health education. Thousands of on-demand and live classes and includes a social motivation aspect – members can work out with each other remotely and/or invite up to four non-member friends or family to join the platform at no additional cost.

Omada’s innovative digital program promotes weight loss and helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Being Academy wellbeing education and the Being Here podcast (created specifically for ELCA members) from the Big Know support whole-person well-being.


Innovative programs that treat acute situations, such as an injury, illness, or mental health issue.

Virtual PT is a convenient alternative to in-person treatment, enables SWORD Health physical therapists to work virtually with eligible participants, monitoring their physical progress digitally via electronic sensors.

Carelon Wellbeing connects you with qualified experts who will give you personalized guidance and helpful advice based on your unique situation. Members and covered family members may qualify for up to six EAP counseling sessions per issue per year, at no additional cost.

98point6 is primary care delivered through a highly secure in-app messaging experience on your mobile phone. U.S.-based care teams, including board-certified physicians, answer questions, diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses, outline care, and order any necessary prescriptions or lab tests.


For members living with a chronic condition, our maintenance programs provide personalized support.

Omada’s chronic condition management is for members living with diabetes or high blood pressure and includes one-on-one coaching, connected devices with remote monitoring, strategies for managing medications and more.

The EAP benefit through Carelon provides up to six counseling sessions for you or anyone living in your household, per issue per year at no additional cost.

Learn to Live’s online, in-depth and immersive cognitive behavioral therapy for a variety of mental health issues.

Amplifon Hearing Health Care can help with scheduling annual appointments and ongoing service and support for hearing aids.