May 18, 2021

Information on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

Portico contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide services to the ELCA Medical and Dental Benefits Plan, including access to Blue Cross Blue Shield network providers and claims processing, for members with ELCA-Primary health benefits.

Members may receive, or have already received, an email and/or postcard from Blue Cross Blue Shield entitled Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement, regarding a class action lawsuit. This is a legitimate lawsuit with a settlement that received preliminary court approval in October 2020. The Court did not decide who is right or wrong. A settlement was reached to avoid further litigation. Members who had ELCA-Primary health benefits under the ELCA Medical and Dental Benefits Plan between February 2008 and October 2020 may be eligible to share in a small portion of the settlement proceeds.

Additional information is available on the settlement website, which is administered by a court-appointed administrator. To protect rights they may have as individuals related to the Blue Cross Blue Shield settlement, members may submit a valid claim online or postmarked by mail no later than Nov. 5, 2021. Claim forms are available from the settlement administrator at or may be requested by calling 888.681.1142.

Visit the settlement website, call 888.681.1142, or email for more information.