April 8, 2022

Director, Client Services

Department: Customer Care Center


The Director, Client Services manages and directs the operations of the Customer Care Center, Implementation/Administration, Key Accounts & Escalations, and Financial Planning teams to ensure that Portico Benefit Service’s members and employer representatives are effectively supported, with the goal to delight those we serve.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the Benefits Administration teams to ensure that service aligns with Portico’s mission, vision, values, and principles of advocacy
  • Ensure training, processes, and systems are in place to manage the business in an effective, efficient, accurate, and timely manner
  • Oversee procedures and documentation to ensure that member issues are resolved appropriately
  • Develop and maintain relationships within Portico and with external stakeholders
  • Direct a quantifiable approach for implementations (i.e., onboarding new employers), which includes leveraging best practices in identifying, quantifying, delivering, tracking, and communicating progress against expected business outcomes aligned to the annual business plan
  • Deliver on implementation priorities and risk mitigation strategies
  • Ensure client satisfaction during implementations and foster client willingness to serve as a reference
  • Ensure that initiatives are prioritized, resourced, and executed in a disciplined manner, maximizing ROI, and assuring alignment with defined business strategies
  • Remove barriers to delivering exceptional customer service, value, and support
  • Understand and translate the voice of the customer into action with meaningful improvement
  • Develop and communicate detailed work plans, schedule estimates, resource plans, status reports, implementation priorities, and overall status regarding issues, risk, and mitigation strategies
  • Coach, mentor, and develop highly engaged teams
  • Ensure performance feedback is ongoing, appraisals are timely, and performance corrections are managed promptly
  • Encourage staff education, career planning, and management
  • Participate in the forecasting, interviewing, and selection process for new Client Services staff
  • Establish and maintain a productive working environment, advocating for staff as needed
  • Encourage a team-based approach, incorporating respect, proactive/open communication, and a willingness to support one another
  • Communicate continually and consistently
  • Review member satisfaction reports and other related data to ensure members and employers are receiving prompt, courteous, and efficient service
  • Proactively address member and employer issues and determine appropriate continuous improvement initiatives
  • Understand and make recommendations on products, programs, and associated processes
  • Monitor activity to ensure performance measures are being met
  • Conduct analysis, identify trends, and make recommendations as appropriate to identified goals
  • Utilize comprehensive knowledge of health, disability, survivor (i.e., life), and retirement benefits
  • Understand technology components, software requirements, and processes that support the work of Client Services
  • Coordinate improvement efforts as needed, in conjunction with stakeholders across the organization
  • Work effectively with other departments and units to ensure smooth workflow and exchange of information
  • Actively participate in company special projects or task forces and board of trustee presentations
  • Assist in the vendor management process, providing feedback regarding vendor performance and operational improvement
  • Understand and comply with Portico’s governance, risk, and compliance standards, including internal controls, regulatory compliance, and policy compliance
  • Ensure direct reports understand and comply with Portico’s governance, risk, and compliance standards
  • Some travel is required


  • Effective human resources management and team building skills
  • Strong understanding of retirement, health, Medicare, disability, and survivor benefit products
  • Working knowledge of call center measurements, analysis, and reporting
  • General background in utilizing key performance indicators for individuals and teams


  • Bachelor’s degree


  • 7+ years of experience in benefits management, administration, and customer service, including service center management

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