Advocating For ELCA Priorities

Through the Church Alliance, Portico represents ELCA priorities on many fronts — even on Capitol Hill.

The Church Alliance is a multi-denominational advocacy organization. As an advocate for Portico and other church benefit organizations, it carries the combined voices of over 30 faith denominations into the national legislative and regulatory arena to promote legislation and legal actions of interest to faith organizations.

Portico’s ongoing leadership in the Church Alliance amplifies our voice and has positioned us to help realize these recent positive outcomes.


  • Advocated for including churches, religious organizations, and their employees in the Cares Act which made significant assistance, including the PPP loan program, available to support ministry and church workers.


  • Successfully advocated, through passage of the 2020 Fiscal Year Spending Package, to repeal the 40% “Cadillac Tax” on health care coverage and the “Parking Lot Tax” on churches and other tax-exempt organizations.
  • Educated policymakers, in a closed White House meeting on the opioid crisis, about Portico’s use of care coordinators to successfully steer members toward effective but less costly preventive and outpatient interventions.
  • Successfully defended the long-standing clergy housing allowance exclusion through years of protracted court action.
  • Advocated for legislation that now preserves the ability of certain church-affiliated organizations to participate in church-sponsored 403(b)(9) plans.