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Josh Smith

Senior Director of Products at Portico Benefit Services

Josh is a strategic and innovative benefits professional willing to challenge the status quo. In his time at Portico, he led a transformation in health plan design with innovative offerings that empower members and the organizations they serve to more effectively control costs and improve outcomes.

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February 01, 2021

Health Benefits. Is Cheaper Really Better?

By Josh Smith

Health benefits play an important role in recruiting and retaining talented and dedicated employees, but it can be hard to find benefits that provide both upfront affordability and long-term value. […]

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November 06, 2020

Personalized Health Support Programs Have Greatest Impact on Results

By Josh Smith

To know where your people are, you need to understand your data, as I discussed in my last blog. Once you know your data, you can address health holistically – […]

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October 06, 2020

Leverage Data for Better Outcomes and Lower Healthcare Costs

By Josh Smith

While I explained Portico’s model at a high level, in this blog I’d like to dig into the data behind our decisions and show you how we used it to […]

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August 25, 2020

Doing Well While Doing Good

By Josh Smith

As your organization begins to receive health plan renewal rate notices, you’re likely planning and thinking about how you’ll cover these expenses while still maintaining strong benefits for your most […]

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June 23, 2020

New Mental Health Benefits Prove Their Worth During Pandemic

By Josh Smith

At Portico, we’re called by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to do what some consider impossible — rein in the cost of health benefits, while investing in well-being.  Since […]

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