Address burnout and attrition with a focus on employees’ whole-person wellness
55% of frontline healthcare workers reported burnout from chronic workplace stress
Trying to minimize attrition through increased hiring is like trying to fill a leaky bucket. All that effort to bring in new employees is walking right out the door when your employees face burnout and leave. A study revealed an overwhelming  55% of frontline healthcare workers reported burnout (mental and physical exhaustion from chronic workplace stress) and the majority of all healthcare workers (62%) reported some mental health repercussions.1

A more effective way to address retention problems is by shifting some of the focus from hiring and recruiting to prioritizing wellness and reducing burnout amongst staff.

Offer wellness services from Portico

Because we have data that helps us understand employee needs, we have a unique viewpoint that informs the benefits package that we provide.
Portico understands, through this data-based learning, that employees want and need comprehensive benefits that support their mental, physical, and financial health.

Healthy employees equal employees that want to stay

When employees have access to comprehensive benefits and use them well, both the employee and the employer have the potential to reap the rewards – less missed work, more engagement, better health, higher commitment to the employer’s mission, and better bottom line.

Stop dealing with the negative impacts of staffing shortages and start seeing more engaged, productive employees that report higher levels of satisfaction.

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55% of frontline healthcare workers reported burnout from chronic workplace stress