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New SIF Investment Measures Impact Drop by Drop

June 2016

Following a $20 million investment with Impax Asset Management in February 2016, ELCA social purpose investors are measuring the ways they’re helping the environment — drop by drop and watt by watt.

Portico selected Impax for its second social impact first (SIF) investment, in part because of its ability to demonstrate the way its portfolio of companies is helping the environment. One of the SIF primary objectives is to monitor measurable results, such as megawatts of renewable energy generated, or gallons of water treated or provided.

As a global stock investment manager, Impax is making a world-wide difference by investing in corporations that employ measurable positive environmental strategies, including wind farms, solar technology, and wastewater-reduction and -treatment techniques.

Wondering what kind of real-world impact our investment with Impax might have? In 2015, a $20 million investment added up to:

Drop by Drop Chart 

*US tons. Impact of $20 million invested in the strategy for one year. The UK Green Investment Bank’s calculator was used to translate the impact into everyday equivalents (e.g., cars on the road, household energy use). Based on most recently reported annual impact data for holdings in the portfolio as of Dec. 31, 2015. Methodology has been assured by Ernst & Young LLP. Impax Asset Management is an adviser to Portico Benefit Services.

Portico added SIF, an increasingly popular form of social purpose investing, to seven of its eight social purpose funds beginning in late 2015. SIF investments accept a somewhat lower projected return and/or somewhat higher projected risk in order to maximize the opportunity to make a positive difference in God’s world.

Social impact first (SIF) funds seek to maximize positive impact

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