Transition to Retirement Webinar

In this webinar, we explore these retirement planning questions, and more:

  • What might retirement look like for you?
  • What will change when you retire and what will stay the same?
  • How might you be attentive to your own well-being as you make this transition?


Transition to Retirement Webinar
Presented on Oct. 24, 2017
Presenters and Panelists: Grace Pomroy and Tammy Devine

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4 Things You Can Do Today

  1. Reflect intentionally on your picture of retirement and your perfect day. When will you retire? How will you spend your time? Where will you live? Plan out your perfect day from beginning to end. If you have a spouse or partner, have this conversation together.
  2. Use the Wholeness Wheel Labyrinth to discern how God is calling you to grow in each area of well-being during this transition. The Wholeness Wheel Labyrinth can help you slow down and consider each dimension of well-being. How will you “live well” in retirement? Is there planning or preparation you need to do?
  3. Create a budget for today and for retirement. People generally spend about 85% of their current income after they retire. Looking for a guide to get you started? Use this Monthly Budget Worksheet. Once you know what you’re spending today, use your picture of retirement to estimate where you might spend more or less than the 85% average. Need a little help? Call a Portico Financial Planner at 800.922.4896.
  4. Watch the Turning 65 Webinar. Before turning 65, learn more about Medicare and the ELCA Medicare-Primary health benefits available from Portico.