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The wind ushers in milder temperatures, the frozen ground reveals itself, and the brown earth revives to green. After a long season of winter, waiting with anticipation for spring, we seek signs of hope. I long to get my fingers in the ground, turn over the soil, and enter the growing season.

“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose,
under heaven.”

— The Byrds

Seasons of transition are all around us — some gentle, some planned, some unexpected like a turbulent storm. Fear of spreading a deadly virus has us staying, working, schooling, and worshipping at home. Our lives as we knew them have been turned upside down.

The words to the ‘60s song, Turn! Turn! Turn! remind us that there is indeed a season for every purpose under heaven. A season of stress, as we learn new ways to use technology to gather around a virtual table and connect with friends, family, and faith community. A season of pain, as we cannot be with loved ones who are sick or dying. A season of humility, as we reverse the roles of helper and receiving help. Each transition comes with a gamut of emotions from fear to excitement, from loss to opportunity.

What is the purpose of this season? Is something being planted, nurtured, pruned, or harvested within or around you? Be open, be gracious and forgiving, patient and present. As we journey through this season of Easter, lean on your God who walks with you every step of the way — so that you may be resurrection people of hope, promise, and love.

So You Can Be Well

Try one or more of the following to help you through this season of change:

  • Create a mantra and sing. Look for inspiration in the lyrics to Turn! Turn! Turn!
  • Name the season of life in which you find yourself. What lyric resonates with this season?
  • Consider what you are thankful for. Practicing gratitude allows us to cultivate hope. Name three things for which you are grateful.
  • Consider what type of support you need during this transition: maybe professional, or maybe the support of family and friends. Ask for what you need.
  • Journal using the season imagery. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 8. Consider what is being born in you, propped up, pruned, or dying — so you can live?

Deacon Tammy L. Devine

Tammy shares her passion for health, healing, and wholeness through consulting, coaching, and retreat facilitation. As an ELCA deacon, registered nurse, parish nurse/coordinator, and ICF certified coach, she collaborates with thought leaders to facilitate personal and communal growth toward living and leading well. Contact her to learn more.

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