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Tackle A Habit — Exercise Edition

Use This Plan To Take One Exercise-Related Small Step.

Week One
Consider the exercise-related habits (described below) then, choose one you're …um …familiar with.

Use the Mayo Clinic links provided to read up on information related to the habit you want to break. Purchase equipment (if appropriate) to support your commitment. Then, pick your start date, and steel your resolve to tackle your habit every day — for one week. During the week, notice what's hard, what's not, what supported you, what didn't, how you might continue beyond your week. Take notes on your calendar.

Next Three Weeks
Continue for three more weeks if you choose, but in a more relaxed way. Let's say you tackle the habit, "Too much couch time." For Week One, don’t sit down on the couch in the evenings at all before exercising. Now, maybe once a week, let yourself stretch out to watch a favorite TV show or surf online — without exercising first. During these three weeks, notice what helps you stay on track. Recognize when it pays to ease up. Continue tracking your progress on your calendar.

Choose Your Habit:

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