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Spiritual Autobiography

Spiritual Autobiography helps individuals reflect on their faith life. Use it for personal reflection or in ministry.

Spiritual Autobiography PDF 3 MB

A Next Step

Consider introducing spiritual autobiographies to members of your congregation. The practice of writing one can help others see how God is at work in their lives. As a leader, you listen to people’s faith stories, values, struggles, and joys. A member’s spiritual autobiography may help you gain insight, understanding, and empathy. It may also foster growth, strengthen relationships, and promote healing within a family or community. This spiritual autobiography template can be used with colleagues in ministry, church council/leadership, and as a faith formation tool for confirmation (you may want to adapt to their life experience). Having a member’s spiritual autobiography on file would be a wonderful gift for a new church leader, and may serve as a helpful resource when ministering to a member during significant life events.

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