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A Season of Recovery

We wait with longing for those first signs of new life, eager for the green tulip tips to poke through the earth. The winter has offered rest. Trees and bulbs have lain dormant, bears in hibernation. We all need rest and recovery time.

person hiking on a hillside in spring “You can rest now says the
earth, naked branches tremor
in winter’s wind.”

Christine Valters Paintner

Sabbath provides us space to step back and see what is good — space to break from our routines, our busyness, and to take stock of the gifts and blessings in our midst. Sabbath looks different for each of us. Sabbath breaks, days, or extended times of sabbatical invite us to listen, prepare our hearts and minds, and open ourselves to living with intention. Sabbath is a time to renew, refresh, and recover so we can go back out to serve with energy and focus, filled with God’s spirit.

With a renewed spirit, we are able to see more clearly the habits and lifestyle choices that prevent us from living well as whole people. The lens of Sabbath helps us to name and claim those things that get in the way, and to delete them one at a time. When we take stock of what it means to live well, we can begin again — charting the course that more closely aligns with our values, gifts, and passions.

Rested, we find the strength to say no when we otherwise might have begrudgingly said yes. Refreshed, we find the strength to forgive ourselves and begin anew. Remember we are redeemed, so we can live as a new creation each and every day!

So You Can Be Well

Try one or more of the following to help you make Sabbath a part of your day or week:

  • Use the #minus1 activity to experience how subtracting is adding.
  • Identify when you will practice your Sabbath time, what you will let go of, and what will fill you — such as reading, napping, painting, or walking.
  • At the close your day, reflect on where you found rest. Consider using the words of the poem “Winter” by Christine Valters Paintner.
  • Read and reflect on Matthew 11: 28-30

Deacon Tammy L. Devine

Tammy shares her passion for health, healing, and wholeness through consulting, coaching, and retreat facilitation. As an ELCA deacon, registered nurse, parish nurse/coordinator, and ICF certified coach, she collaborates with thought leaders to facilitate personal and communal growth toward living and leading well. Contact her to learn more.

person hiking on a hillside in spring


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