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Mending Hearts

Amidst the messages of valentines and love expressed, some of us experience this month with hearts aching from loss, grief, discord, trauma, broken relationships, or unfulfilled expectations.

“Sometimes it takes a
heartbreak to shake us awake
and help us see we are worth
so much more than we’re settling for.”

Mandy Hale

The mending that follows heartbreak takes intentional work. Healing rarely happens in isolation. We lean on healers — doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, spiritual directors — to teach us tools and hold us accountable to the exercises that will build our strength and endurance. Supported by their patience, companionship, and wisdom, we begin to move forward.

As we seek healing for ourselves, we can also be a healing force for others. The Dalai Lama, in “An Open Heart,” says: “In the first step toward a compassionate heart, we must develop our empathy or closeness to others.” Compassion, for ourselves and others, can lead to a new understanding of ourselves, our circumstances, and life direction. It also transforms the way we see those around us — drawing us out of isolation and into community.

When our hearts are healthy, they are supple and open, with love freely flowing. Healthy hearts allow love to pour in, out, and around us. May you mend those parts of your heart that need healing, so that love will never cease to grow.

So You Can Be Well

Try one or more of the following to help you foster a healthy heart:

  • Placing hand over heart, breathe in love. Pause long enough to detect the rhythm of your heart. Match your breath with your heartbeat. Notice the warmth; and be.
  • How’s your heart? Are there areas of constriction, frustration, or pain? Who or what needs forgiving? Who or what needs compassion? What next step will you take toward health, healing, and wholeness?
  • Read and journal with the poem “Then Your Heart is Full of Love,” by Josie Carey Franz and Fred Rogers.
  • Read and reflect on 1 John 4:7-19.

Deacon Tammy L. Devine

Tammy shares her passion for health, healing, and wholeness through consulting, coaching, and retreat facilitation. As an ELCA deacon, registered nurse, parish nurse/coordinator, and ICF certified coach, she collaborates with thought leaders to facilitate personal and communal growth toward living and leading well. Contact her to learn more.

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