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Create a Gratitude Jar

Appreciating your abundant blessings.

Too often in our lives of ambition and acquisition we forget to be grateful for the abundance we have. What is our level of “gratitude wealth”? How truly thankful are we truly for what God has given us?

As with most worthwhile things in life, being grateful takes some intention and practice. Taking the time to be mindful of all that we can be grateful for, even hardships and difficulties, can provide great benefits in improving our wellness. Studies have shown that grateful people are happier and even physically healthier. So, when was the last time you just stopped and contemplated all that you can be grateful for?

Your Assignment

Create a gratitude jar. Starting with an open mind and without limiting or judging your thoughts, think about everything in your life and select what rises up as your gratitude. Think about people, workplace, home, daily life, etc.

Next, choose your main focus of gratitude for the day and let yourself feel grateful. Consider why you chose that particular focus. Write down on a piece of paper “I’m thankful for ___________ today because…” Put it in a jar or whatever else you might choose to use, and as you practice this daily, gain the joy and peace of seeing all the good things in your life as they multiply.

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