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The Gift of Presence

When we take the time to set intentions and be truly present, we gain clarity and direction to keep us focused on the people and passions that matter most to us. Being present allows us to make healthier choices for our financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. In this state of mind, we can notice, listen, and attend to life within and outside ourselves with integrity.

Throughout the month of December, you are invited to use a Presence Jar. Print and cut out the activities from The Presence Jar PDF 68KB — feel free to add your own ideas — and place them in a clear container or jar. Each day, draw a new intention to practice, or choose to live into one for several days in a row.

Complement your daily practice with weekly devotions to gain peace, connect with those around you, and experience the light of Christ this Advent.

Weekly Advent Devotions

As we arrive at this Advent season 2020, our patience has been tested. The world as we know it has changed. Though we may feel engulfed in shadow, God invites us to walk in the light. In a time that may feel overwhelmingly full, intentional self-care can allow your light to shine. May these devotions inspire you to pause, reflect, and live in the present — so you can experience and radiate peace and light this season.
– Deacon Tammy Devine

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