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Creation Care

Answer God’s call to be a good steward of earth.

God created our world and declared it good, and called on us to steward it well. Over the course of history, humans have gained an unprecedented mastery over the environment. The environmental cost for this mastery has been very high.

And yet, God still calls on us to care for creation for the benefit of all of God’s creatures. The amazing beauty and abundance of nature, the work of God’s hands, has been entrusted to us to value highly and provide thoughtful, grateful care. Beyond the obvious importance of sustaining the resources of the earth for us to be able to exist, our vocation as stewards of the earth can bring great blessings of joy and refreshment as we revel in God’s creation and care for it.

Your Assignment
Undertake the challenge to contribute to the well-being of creation. Choose an action you can take such as:

  • Tracking the bags of trash your household produces each week and setting a goal to reduce
  • Switching to reusable bags for grocery and other shopping
  • Using a refillable container for water in place of disposable plastic bottles
  • Reusing bags and boxes
  • Contributing to earth care efforts — either financially or through event participation
  • Choosing food containers that can be reused or recycled

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