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Use This Activity to Pick Up the Pace

Why exercise 30 minutes a day?

23 and 1/2 Hours

Evidence suggests it's the single best thing we can do for our health. This popular video issues the challenge: If we sit, stand, or sleep for 23 and ½ hours each day, surely we can exercise for 30 minutes. Watch this 9-minute video

This wellness activity encourages you to commit to regular exercise that improves your cardio health, strength, or flexibility for 30 minutes, five days a week, for eight weeks. At the end of eight weeks, you'll have experienced the positive impact that regular exercise can have on your well-being and ministry.

How It Works

  1. Do physical activity for 30 minutes, five days a week, for eight weeks. Aim for moderate intensity. Depending on your current fitness level, it could be a walk around the block, a 5-mile run, lifting cans from your cupboard, or working in your garden. Don’t limit yourself by thinking exercise has to be athletic. The total 30 minutes don't need to be consecutive.
  2. Mark your progress on your 30-A-Day card. Start any day of the week. After exercising five of seven days, start the next week. If you don't exercise five days, restart the week. If necessary, pause between weeks.

    Download your 30-A-Day progress card PDF 960 KB

  3. Celebrate your success after eight weeks. Notice changes in your energy level, mood, and body. Reflect on obstacles you've overcome. Keep going!

Tips for Success

Try these tips to help you stick with 30-A-Day even beyond the first eight weeks.

  • Find a time for exercise that fits into your schedule
  • Schedule exercise on your calendar
  • Invite a friend, colleague, family member, or even your whole congregation to join you as motivation
  • Break up the 30 minutes into 10-minute segments
  • Make it fun
  • Set a goal
  • Reward yourself

This information should not be considered or used as a substitute for professional health care advice. By providing this information, Portico Benefit Services is not providing any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Each individual is responsible for his or her own health and medical treatment decisions. You should talk with your doctor to determine the lifestyle changes and health care treatment options appropriate for you.

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