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Wholeness Wheel Sermon Series Leads to Renewed Life

What's the connection between resurrection and the Wholeness Wheel? An Easter sermon series at St. Philip Lutheran, Mt. Dora, Florida, explores how both lead to new — and renewed — life.

Pastor Johan Bergh
Mt. Dora, Florida
May 2017

I really appreciate how the Wholeness Wheel identifies the fullness of life’s dimensions. Spiritual well-being is not simply one piece of the whole; it encapsulates our entire lives. And, of course, having our baptism at the Wholeness Wheel’s center is a great way to see how our life is centered in Christ.

During the 50 days of Easter, I want to engage my congregation, St. Philip Lutheran, in hearing the story of the resurrection that God gives in our baptism. Under the theme of Rise Up!, each week we will explore how God helps us experience new life through different dimensions of the Wholeness Wheel. Because personal stories are a powerful witness, I have invited members of St. Philip to share sermon time with me each Sunday of the Easter season. We’ll engage in dialogue about how they experience well-being in that week’s Wholeness Wheel dimension focus.

I have framed the entire series about “wholeness” by using excerpts from a letter Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote while in prison. I believe it speaks so well to how the full Christian life encompasses all parts of the full human life. We publish in the Sunday bulletin each week something we call “Taking The Message Home” that gives some basics about the sermon of the day. I am including excerpts from this letter so our congregation can connect Bonhoeffer’s words with their well-being.

As a certified coach (International Coach Federation ACC) and part of the ELCA’s coaching ministry, I am inviting my congregation to contact me for coaching in how to step into what God is calling them to do with the Wholeness Wheel. My hope is that from this Rise Up! message series, people will see and hear resurrection and be inspired to find specific ways they can experience the resurrection that Christ brings.

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