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The Habit of Saving

Loraine Shileds

Loraine Shields
Chicago, Illinois
April 2012

Saving — now that's something a lot of people do NOT want to talk about. Why? They have other financial issues or they just don't think it's important. Is it important? YES!

My husband and I were married in 1956, and we made very little money. I think his annual income at that time was around $6,000. He always said, "When I finally make $12,000 a year, we'll be on easy street." Now don't snicker … that was big money back then.

No, we couldn't save a lot; however, we decided that we would save the additional money each time he got a raise. We never put it in the budget at all. The money went directly to our savings account where he worked. We always worked within a budget, and it wasn't easy. Our night out was twice a month on payday, and that was usually a pizza. Yes, they had pizza back then, too.

I began working for the ELCA in June 1989, and have always saved consistently. Today, with retirement on the horizon, I am happy to say, "Boy, am I glad I did!"

Saving can be done — you just need to make it a HABIT!

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