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Sciatica + Friday Night + Vacation Doesn’t Equal Disaster, Thanks to Doctor On Demand

Terri Endres discovered that when you’re far from home and feeling miserable, having access to online medical care can be a blessing.

Deacon Terri Endres
Regional Representative, Portico Benefit Services
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
September 2016

My husband, daughter, and I were at our lake cabin in mid-July when I developed a pretty bad case of sciatica. I tried to push through it, but realized I needed to take some action. My first thought was to head into town for some help, but I since it was a Friday evening that would mean a trip to the emergency room as the urgent care was not open on weekends. The thought of the drive, the wait, and the cost of an ER visit helped me remember the Doctor On Demand online medical service.

I fired up my computer and found the link to the Doctor On Demand website on myPortico. It took only a few minutes to register. Within minutes, I received a text instructing me to download the app on my iPhone. Once I had the app, I set up an appointment for 10 p.m. that very night. I answered some questions about my symptoms. Ten minutes before my appointment, I received another text telling me to open the app. At 10 p.m. my doctor came on the screen. The appointment took about 15 minutes. He did a thorough interview and then I used my iPhone to show him where I was experiencing pain. He sent a prescription to the pharmacy of my choice in town. Early the next morning, I headed into town and picked up my prescription. It was exactly what I needed to help me enjoy the rest of my vacation. And the online visit charge of $40 and the prescription cost of $1.97 didn’t blow our vacation budget either. The next week I followed up with my personal physician.

My family and I were so grateful to have Doctor On Demand. The convenience and efficiency of the online service allowed us to save time and money while allowing us to continue our vacation.

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