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Speedy Online Care Makes Shingles (Almost) Bearable

What do you do when it’s late on a Friday and you feel symptoms coming on? Anne Vogel used a nurse line and online care to get the treatment she needed.

Anne Vogel
Portico Benefit Services
Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2016

A few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon, I became concerned I was developing a case of Shingles. After some online symptom research, I was convinced. My options seemed to be hours in Urgent Care, or waiting until Monday for an appointment with my regular doctor. I was panicked. I called the nurse line and was advised that this was something that could be diagnosed and even treated online. The nurse directed me to the right online medical care resource (for ELCA-Primary plan members, it’s Doctor On Demand,) and I completed a simple questionnaire and uploaded a couple photos for proper diagnosis.

Within an hour of my initial panic, I had a confirmed Shingles diagnosis and a prescription I could fill at my local pharmacy. Without this efficient and easy option, my Shingles virus would have spread rapidly over the weekend and caused me far more pain and ongoing discomfort than it did. As it was, I could begin my medications that evening and stop the spread of the painful rash in its tracks. I was so grateful!

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