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Practicing What We Preach About Spiritual Self-Care

As a certified life coach, Barbara Solsaa helps other church professionals sustain their calling — but she needed the Spirit’s nudging to do what it takes to sustain her own.

Barbara Solsaa
Menomonie, Wisconsin
April 2017

It’s alarmingly easy for church professionals to skip out on spiritual self-care. We think, “It’ll come with the territory,” or, “I don’t have time to do this.”

I participated in a small group ministry a year ago. Twelve of us came together once a week for five weeks as we read through a book. We met, discussed, prayed, and shared our faith. After our five weeks were up, we decided to continue to meet once a month over the summer. In the fall, we decided to split up and grow other small groups.

This spring, I was approached to join a new small group. I was, of course, way too busy. I had an article coming out in a national newspaper, a new website I was launching, resources for pastors I was creating and selling, a book coming out (on spiritual health, no less), workshops to create, meetings to attend, and clients to serve! But I did agree to give a temple talk at church to encourage others to join the small group ministries.

I love how the Holy Spirit so often convicts us with our own words. As I wrote and delivered the temple talk, I was reminded of my own need for spiritual self-care. I was urging others to give themselves the gift of getting to know their church family on a deeper level. I craved that very same gift. After delivering that temple talk, I walked out of the sanctuary and signed up to be a part of a small group. I know I am a better leader — and more faithful person — when I carve out space in my schedule to reconnect with God and with others. The call is not to find the time but rather to take the time to tend to our own needs — especially the spiritual ones.

This submission describes a personal perspective and may or may not reflect the experience of others. Barbara Solsaa is writing a series of Clergy Coach books to help church professionals ground their life and ministry. For more information, contact her at www.clergylifecoaching.com.

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