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SilverSneakers: A Most Appreciated Gift

Terry Anderson 

Terry Anderson

Edmonds, Washington
August 2013

My husband and I live in the Seattle area, and when the weather is nice, we're active outdoors. But for a good part of the year, it takes real dedication and sometimes courage to go out into the rain and cold — something I'm not usually motivated to do!

That’s why we greatly appreciate the SilverSneakers® fitness program, a “gift” free of charge with our ELCA health benefits.

It took trial and error to find the gym that fit our different exercise needs, but we now have two great options: a small gym within walking distance from our home, and the “Y,” a 15-minute drive away.

I go to the Y for water aerobics, beginning dance, and Pilates. I also use the StairMaster and other machines. It’s fun to work out because I interact with other women who like to be active.

My husband, a retired pastor, prefers the gym closer to home. He likes to exercise independently in small increments of time, and has found his rhythm of stopping in the gym on a regular basis.

Our grandchildren have also joined the Y, and we enjoy taking family yoga classes and doing other fitness activities together. The gym will be a major hangout for me during our dark, cold, wet winters.

Health and exercise, like faith formation, is a lifelong commitment, and I'm feeling healthier and happier than ever. Many thanks to Portico and the ELCA for making SilverSneakers available to seniors — and for the encouragement to lead a healthy lifestyle!

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