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Living Well to Enhance the Lives of Others

We’re called to make the most of all we have been given. That’s one reason the stewardship team at Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, took the lead in planning a year of activities to encourage health and wellness in their congregation.

Lorie Stout Sherman
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
July 2017

Stewardship is a year-round activity encompassing much more than a fall giving campaign and budgetary dollars. Our stewardship is an expression of thanks and appreciation to God for all that has been entrusted to us. That includes not only being good stewards of our time, talents, and treasure, but also good stewards of the earth and good stewards of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

That’s why the Stewardship Team at Holy Spirit chose to spend a year encouraging our people to live well, grow in well-being, and become good stewards of their personal selves. We worked with our Adult Faith Formation Team, Faith Formation for Children Team, and parish nurse and her action group to champion these intergenerational activities:

  • Late last fall, we launched the Call to Live Well program through temple talks, an adult education session, newsletter articles, and Wholeness Wheel bookmarks inserted in the bulletins. Congregation members were introduced to the Slow Down spiritual wellness challenge aimed at making intentional space for God through the practice of centering prayer.
  • During Advent, the Be Still wellness activity invited congregational members to strengthen their emotional well-being by calming their minds, clarifying their relationship with God, and restoring their sense of self through intentional daily prayer practices, which included “walking” the Wholeness Wheel Labyrinth.
  • Each Sunday in Lent, an adult education series entitled “The Road to Emmaus” explored the dimensions of well-being found in the Wholeness Wheel.
  • This summer, individuals, children, and families accepted the GO! Challenge to take stock of their current healthy activities, identify one or two stretch activities, track their activities for four weeks, and consider which behavior they will continue and/or choose a new stretch goal. Those who took up the GO! Challenge will celebrate their progress when the program year kicks off in the fall.
  • And in November, Holy Spirit will be making two labyrinths available for our members (including children, youth, and young adults) to walk. An introduction to the labyrinths will be provided prior to walking.

We were intentional about choosing activities that would engage members of all ages and physical abilities. The focus is to live well, so we can be good stewards of our selves. By living well as a whole people of God, we can better enhance the lives of others — doing God’s work in Christ’s name for the sake of the world.

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