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EAP Helped Me Manage a Problem — By Phone

Distance, privacy, schedule … they're all reasons to call Employee Assistance Program’s phone counseling service when you can't get there in person.

Rachel Dexter
Director, Customer Care Center, Portico Benefit Services
Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 2015

Last March I was the victim of a crime. While I was not physically hurt, I felt incredibly violated. As a strong woman, I like to be able to assess and manage what happens in my life. But this situation was completely out of my control and there was nothing I could do about it! It really shook me to the core. My husband and friends said my reaction was normal, but to me I felt very emotional and not like myself. I assumed time would make things better, but instead things got worse. I needed help.

After a particularly hard day, one of my co-workers suggested I call EAP, our Employee Assistance Program. I thought, if nothing else, I could talk to someone who would help me get over all this emotional stuff as quickly as possible. Because I was very busy at work and in my personal life, when the option came up to speak with a counselor over the phone, I jumped at it. I know myself — I would come up with an excuse for why I couldn’t possibly leave work to go to an appointment, even if it was in my best interest. But I was able to close my office door for an hour each week and meet with the EAP counselor over the phone. We ended up talking six times over the next few months. It gave me the help I needed and worked within my busy schedule. I am glad to say I am no longer feeling out of control of my situation or my emotions. EAP may not be right for everyone, but it was a simple, effective option for me.

This submission describes a personal perspective on an aspect of the ELCA benefit program that may or may not reflect the experience of others.

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