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Clarifying My Financial Future

Recently retired and wanting a clearer picture of his financial future, Pastor Rolf Olson turned to our new version of Portico’s Retirement Planning Tool. He was not disappointed.

Pastor Rolf Olson
Falcon Heights, Minnesota
March 2018

I recently retired and wanted to get a clearer picture of my financial future. Friends and family suggested that we hire a financial planner. I decided to call Portico first to see what they offered. Step one was giving the Retirement Planning Tool a try. I was amazed at how easy it was to use and at the comprehensive look at our finances it gave us. It encompassed my wife’s teacher pension, our IRAs, and my ELCA retirement account investments. It provided an easy way to establish a monthly expense plan, and accounted for annual large expenses, like a car purchase, house repairs, and travel. I even budgeted potential nursing home care for our waning years.

To get a more comprehensive picture, I had a conversation with a Portico Financial Planner. The planner clarified some of my blind spots and gave us confidence that, with Portico’s recommended asset allocations, our retirement stood a healthy chance of being financially secure. I could not be more pleased with the process.

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