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Banking on — and as — Good Stewardship

Andrea Arey checked out the ELCA Credit Union looking for a low-interest loan — and found a new way to be a good steward.

Andrea Arey
Regional Representative, Portico Benefit Services
Tempe, Arizona
November 2016

Throughout my life, I’ve always thought, “If I can find a way to do business in a way that aligns with my values and saves a few bucks along the way, how can I say no?” So when I heard about the new ELCA Federal Credit Union, I had to check it out.

I looked at my car loan, which already had a pretty low interest rate. I thought, “Let’s see if they can do better than this.” I was pleased to learn that the credit union could beat my current interest rate. Then I wondered if it would be cumbersome to do the paperwork to get it refinanced. After checking into the process, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s simple to apply. The credit union staff was terrific. I’m not the most technologically savvy person in the world, so they walked with me every step of the way.

There are so many financial institutions to choose from these days. I was excited to join the ELCA Federal Credit Union because it helped me align my banking needs with my church and my stewardship principles. As a member of the ELCA, I feel good knowing that my banking supports our ELCA community. The credit union takes deposits and creates loans that focus on serving members, not making a profit. As a good steward, I was also pleased to save a few dollars in the process.

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