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A Comfortable Retirement

Pastor Ken Gamb
Iowa City, Iowa
April 2013

As a retired ELCA pastor, this year celebrating the 50th year of my ordination, I want to share my experience with Portico Benefit Services and the ELCA Retirement Plan.

When I retired, I chose to leave my retirement account on active status. I was aware of the potential risks and rewards, but wanted to have control of my withdrawals, and appreciated that the ELCA Retirement Plan gave me a choice.

For over 10 years now, my wife and I have been making modest annual withdrawals that, combined with Social Security payments and a small savings, have given us a very comfortable and enjoyable life. These years have included two trips to Europe and numerous plane rides to see our grandchildren, who until recently resided on the West Coast.

Today, our retirement account’s value is slightly larger than when I retired, admittedly with some significant ups and downs during those years. I have also had two serious illnesses, one requiring major surgery and some significant ongoing pharmaceutical needs. In every respect, I have been thankful to our church for providing such a superb retirement program that includes a concern for our emotional and spiritual well-being in our retirement years. I am particularly impressed with the growing emphasis on preventive care.

As a third generation pastor in our family, I am pleased with the way in which our denomination has progressed in its care for all of her pastors and lay professionals. Thank you!

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