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A Better Deal on Health Coverage? Not Around Here.

After Portico announced an increase in health contribution rates for 2016, the TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod started getting calls. Here's the assistant to the bishop’s response.

Rev. Blair Lundborg
Assistant to the Bishop, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod
Houston, Texas
August 2015

One of the congregations in our synod tried to find a better deal for health care coverage in the open market. A member of the council and the call committee were tasked with cutting the cost. One was the owner of a medium-sized business; the other worked in human resources. They tried hard to beat Portico’s rates but couldn’t do it.

I have been getting calls from congregations in transition asking the same question: Can we get a better deal elsewhere? I tell them the above story. And to help spread the word, I also posted this on our TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod website:

"Those of you with health coverage through Portico recently received an email outlining an increase in the cost of coverage for 2016. It’s no secret the cost of health care continues to go up. Here’s the good news: Portico is not only competitive with the open market, it’s less expensive."

"I have worked with congregations who made an effort to find alternative, comparable coverage in the open market. Portico beats the competition every time. One congregation that tried to find an alternative to Portico was told they couldn’t beat Portico’s coverage — and that this particular health care provider anticipated a 30% increase for 2016. We know the cost of benefits is an increasing concern for pastors and congregations. It’s good to know that Portico is working hard to hold the line."

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