Wellness Voices

Here’s what ELCA community members have to say about their well being. Some know their path well, while others are still finding theirs. Some are in good health, and some are fending off encroaching illness. But they all have one thing in common — they understand how important it is to feel well.

Using Benefits

Personal Wellness Pays Off

Wellness in Faith Communities

Members share their experiences when using ELCA benefits.

Members describe how their personal wellness efforts helped improve their overall well-being.

Members talk about getting their communities involved in wellness efforts.

The Power of a Supportive Partner
Pastor Arthur Bergren and
Jennifer Prinz
Waverly, Iowa


Chronic Disease Doesn’t Quash a Dream
Pastor Greg Kaufmann
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


When Cure Isn’t Possible … But Healing Is
Pastor Jessica A. Harren
Schaumburg, Illinois


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Other Stories:

Other Stories:

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